On Our Travels

Recently we went on the road with Justin Abraham to Ireland. It was SO much fun an incredible time!!!

We met the legend ‘Lawrance’ a multi instrumentalist of Irish instruments, he joined the band for the weekend!

Over the weekend we worshiped, danced, laughed and cried!!

All the sessions were amazing but one was particularly powerful for me, a message Justin called ‘We are NOT forsaken’ he spoke about us being included in the LIFE and DANCE of the TRINITY!!

It hit my heart and understanding in a DEEP way, how profound and incomprehensible is HIS love towards us ALL!!

Most of us were in tears, it was beautiful. We understand this amazing truth but when we look at Him it’s like the first time all over again!!

We got to hangout with our friends…….

whilst making some new ones!!

We love you IRELAND you know how to Party!!! You are children of light the glory of Lord has arisen over you!

Until the next adventure!


Janine John Band