Recently we went on the road with Justin Abraham to Ireland. It was SO much fun an incredible time!!! We met the legend ‘Lawrance’ a multi instrumentalist of Irish instruments, he joined the band for the weekend! Over the weekend we worshiped, danced, laughed and cried!! All the sessions were amazing but one was particularly […]

What an amazing night,  thank you to  ALL  who came to support us!!  We had a very special evening, and what a  joy to showcase the songs from the Album!!! A big thank you to all the wonderful people that have made ‘RELOCATE’ a reality!! We had Live Lounge style ‘Matt & Peal Nagy’ who […]

Had a blissful few days away with Non, (fellow band member) and both our families ย in St David’s in Wales.   We worship and holiday together, we love hanging out that much!ย  We filmed an update from the inspiring from the birth place of St David’s in Wales, Non shares the story on our video […]

Our Dream is live!!ย    Our dream to record our very first STUDIO Album, capturing songs of hope, joy, union and heavenly life!ย  Our Story……………   DONATE at – GET NEWS – FACEBOOK – A big thank you in advance to everyone who has cheered on ‘Janine John Band’ we love […]

We have some exciting news coming…….a first for Janine John Band and we would love you to be a part of it…… more details coming in the next few weeks! In the meantime, save the date! 25th November 2018  

It’s here!!! Up Here Radio!!! Crazy Awesome, we are SO thrilled to be a part of it! Let the sound of intimacy, face to face and walking with Father fill the airwaves! I particularly LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that there are shows for kids of all ages….teaching them about the Kingdom Realm of our Father and […]

We were SO honoured to meet up with Faith Jarvis from ‘The Worship Effect’ a few days before LoveFest 2018, speaking to Faith its clear that she has a mandate from Heaven to provoke hunger in the body of Christ, into a deeper place of Encounter with Father through worship, travelling around the globe with […]

LoveFest or’ Lovey Dovey Fest’…… what a blast! ย Thank you to everyone came, we are truly are united in His love. We love to party, fly high, go deep, and the Konga!     Powerful preaches from Stevie Mckie (Dove Company) & JJ Waters (Burn 24/7)…….our Nation is burning!           The […]