‘A New Day is Dawning’, recorded at Days of Wonder Conference in 2014 and didn’t make onto the CD.

Paul Keith Davis was speaking at Days of Wonder and before he finished his session he asked me if God had given a song, as it happened that morning this song had come to me.

This recording was the first time the song was sung. I could feel that Father’s longing for sons, that walk in His ways and release the Kingdom of Heaven from their heart to heart encounters with Him.

The lyrics are “A new is day is dawning, the Father is calling the sons.  Arise and received, descend and release, The goodness of God, The Glory of God, the power of God”.

This is 5 minute raw video that was given me, it was recorded at “Burn Cymru” gathering.  We had the 10 till midnight slot. I’m singing how God is far beyond everything, We cannot contain Him, the earth can not contain Him, the Heavens cannot contain Him, He’s beyond everything!

It was cold, but we didn’t care as the presence of God was so thick in that little Welsh Chapel.

Justin Paul Abraham sharing some very powerful things that God has shown him regarding Ecstatic Worship, and oracle spirit that is coming in worship…. I believe this with all my heart and have had similar visions over the years. We are ready for the many voices!








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