We just had an explosive time of joy at LOVE FEST 2016!  Something amazing happened.  Many voices, many bands flowing seamlessly together in worship and prophetic decree.

 Justin Paul Abraham spoke about David’s Tent, Ecstatic Worship and gets to the heart of why started LoveFest, this is a Fiery Passion preach enjoy!


Tiffany Buhler shared on the grassroots movement of BURN 24/7, worship hubs and David’s Tent across the UK.  Things are really moving rapidly forwards, changing the landscape.

As Tiffany talked, an unusual Presence surprised us and Tiffany sat down unable to continue.  A precious wave of Glory came in and rested on us all.  It was highly unusual and very, very encouraging.  You can’t make it happen!  Thank you, Jesus!


I felt like Papa was hugging us to thank us for two days, full of passionate heart-felt worship.  It was really amazing. We’re still buzzing! A sign of things to come?! Spirit of Revival? Spirit is saying we are coming into days of awe and wonder. We believe it.


“Much appreciation to BURN Cymru 24/7 and Tiffany Buhler (David’s Tent UK) and all the bands – Glory Company, Janine John Band, Rob Townley and Friends, TAB Life Band, Paul Warren, Richard Lewis and the sound team James Westbrook with support from Jonathan Ely.  You guys gave 100%! – Amazing!  Cheers,”  Justin Paul Abraham