Live prophetic worship CD recorded at Days of Wonder 2014.


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Recorded at ‘Days of Wonder 2014’ hosted by Company of Burning Hearts. This is a live recording and is raw in places but it captures the sound and atmosphere of the gathering, us enjoying the Father and the Father enjoying us.

All the worship is spontaneous led by Janine John Band & friends.

1. Psalm 24 – Higher Up The Mountain 6:30

2. King of Glory 7:39

3. Kiss Me With The Kisses Of Your Mouth 6:13 with Justin Abraham

4. Heart To Heart 8:21

5. It’s Wide Wide Open 29.21

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This is a live recording created at Days of Wonder 2015, this is a mixture of Janine John Band & Friends.

Also with Justin Abraham, Ian Clayton, Karl Whitehead & Paul Keith Davis.

The sound is unpolished and imperfect in places but it true to the sound of the gathering….it captures the atmosphere of the event, the sound of accession, the spontaneous pursuit of heaven, the sound of prayer, prophetic degree and impartation. Above all it captures the essence of our hearts as a people gathering as the ekklesia; our hearts crying out to encounter HIM and the response of His heart as we did!

1. we come to Your mountain 4:12

2. flying eagle 10:16 with Paul Keith Davis & Justin Abraham

3. we’re surrounded 7:53 with Justin Abraham

4. sing in the spirit part 1 with Ian Clayton

5. jump on board part 2 with Ian Clayton

6. ancient door 2:30 prophetic guitar solo. Rob Townley

7. we’re eternal, He’s eternal 7:37

8. it’s Yours 10:28

9. simmering 6:28 with Justin Abraham

10. shalom 3:33 with Karl Whitehead

SOUND OF HIS NAME orb cd cover 3000px

Pre-Order ‘Sound of Name His Name’ Worship Album

A live recording created at Days of Wonder 2016 with Worship from Janine John Band, Justin Paul Abraham and friends

60 minutes of Spontaneous Worship and Prayer. It captures the atmosphere of the event and the sound of ascension, the pursuit of heaven. Our heart is that the extended tracks take into your own encounter with YHVH as you listen.

The Album includes tracks the ‘Sound of His Name’, ‘Yod-Hey -Vav-Hey’ and many more.

Our aim is to have them ready for the 19th August 2017 by post and download.

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